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Meghna Cloud Account

This guide provides instructions to create a new Meghna Cloud account and set up your first administrative user in Identity service following the latest security best practices.

Organization ID

Organization ID is high-level container for projects, users and groups. As such, they can be used to centrally manage all identity components. With the introduction of account domains, server, storage and other resources can now be logically grouped into multiple projects which can themselves be grouped under a master account-like container. In addition, multiple users can be managed within an account domain and assigned roles that vary for each project.

Users of different Organization ID may be represented in different authentication back ends and even have different attributes that must be mapped to a single set of roles and privileges, that are used in the policy definitions to access the various service resources.


When working with Meghna Cloud, any resources you develop or designate must be associated with a specific project. By default, this project is established under your organizational domain. Resources confined within the same project have the inherent ability to collaborate seamlessly, such as via an internal network connection. A project can't access another project's resources unless you use Shared VPC or Network Peering.

Each project has the following:

  • A project name, which you provide
  • A project description, which you can provide
  • Domain name and ID which Meghna Cloud automatically assign for you
  • Add or remove project members, and you can assign role of choice (optional)
  • Add project to a group (optional)