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Tier 4 Excellence

Tier 4 Data Center

Our cloud infrastructure is hosted in a Tier 4 data center, ensuring exceptional resilience, near-continuous uptime, and protection of critical applications and sensitive data.

Our Tier 4 facilities boast features

100 Mbps

Network Speed

100 Gbps


99.99 %

Uptime Commitment

2N + 1


96 Hours

Outage Protection

Fault tolerance beyond expectations

Meghna Cloud operates from a Tier 4 data center, the epitome of fault tolerance. This means every critical system is duplicated and backed by independent power supplies and cooling mechanisms. Experience a level of redundancy that exceeds industry standards, eliminating the risk of single points of failure.

99.99% uptime guarantee

Your business can't afford downtime. With Meghna Cloud's Tier 4 infrastructure, we offer an impressive 99.99% uptime guarantee. This translates to minimal disruptions, ensuring your applications and services are available to your users around the clock.

Redundant components for reliability

Meghna Cloud's Tier 4 facility goes beyond redundancy – it's about reliability. Multiple power sources, network connections, and cooling systems work seamlessly together, ensuring continuous operations even in the face of unexpected challenges.