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Meghna Cloud Proof of Concept (POC)

Meghna Cloud POC Process Map

img Meghna Cloud Proof of Concept (POC) SOP | Last Modified: 22 February, 2024

1. Step 1 - Customized POC Plan

1.1 Scope

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) establishes the guidelines for executing the PoC within Meghna Cloud and delineates a segment of Meghna Cloud's sales procedure. This document is crucial for the customer onboarding process, providing comprehensive insights and instructions to ensure a seamless and effective implementation of Meghna Cloud services.

Important: No production dataset or apps will be considered for the POC. Only ‘Stage/Sandbox’ applications/data will be considered to ensure security.

1.2 Affected Customer System/Data and Meghna Cloud Services

In adherence to this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), it is imperative that all affected system configurations, data sets, and pertinent documents are duly recorded and mutually acknowledged by both the customers and Meghna Cloud. This process is integral to establishing transparency, accountability, and a shared understanding between the involved parties regarding the system, data, and associated documentation within the Meghna Cloud framework.

1.3 Acceptance Criteria

Before initiating the POC session, Meghna Cloud will engage in a collaborative discussion with the client to evaluate the scope. Through mutual agreement, both parties will establish a detailed scope for the POC. This may for example include specific requirements such as computing power or storage solutions tailored to accommodate the client's software, which, in turn, has specified user capacity.

Fulfillment of this jointly defined set of criteria will serve as the success criteria for the POC phase.

NOTE: No items outside the mutually defined SOW will be considered for POC. In case of any new ‘must-have’ requirements which may arise during POC, it will be mutually discussed and the POC plan will be re-calibrated accordingly.

1.4 Stakeholders and RACI Matrix

CustomerMeghna Cloud Team
1. Define Objectives: Clearly outline the objectives and goals of the proof of concept. This includes specific use cases, performance expectations, and any critical functionalities that need validation.1. Technical Support: Provide technical support and guidance throughout the PoC phase. This may include assistance with configuration, troubleshooting, and addressing any technical challenges faced by the customer.
2. Resource Allocation: Allocate necessary resources, including personnel, hardware, and software, for the PoC. Ensure that the team members involved have the time and expertise to actively participate.2. Customization Assistance: Assist with any required customizations or configurations based on the customer's specific needs. This may involve adjusting settings, integrating with existing systems, or addressing unique use cases.
3. Data Preparation: Provide relevant and representative data for testing purposes. This may involve anonymizing sensitive information and ensuring the data is in a format compatible with Meghna Cloud services.3. Performance Monitoring/POC Tracking: Monitor the performance of the Meghna Cloud services during the PoC. Proactively identify and address any performance issues to ensure the customer's objectives are met.
4. Testing and Evaluation: Actively participate in testing and evaluating the Meghna Cloud services according to the defined objectives. Provide constructive feedback on performance, usability, and any identified issues.4. Communication Channels: Establish clear communication channels for feedback and issue resolution. Ensure that there is a designated point of contact for the customer to streamline communication.
5. Feedback Communication: Establish clear communication channels to provide timely feedback to Meghna Cloud. This includes reporting issues, sharing insights, and discussing any modifications or customizations required for successful POC.5. Scalability and Integration: Discuss and demonstrate the scalability of the services and their integration capabilities. Address any questions or concerns the customer may have about scalability during the PoC.
6. Timeline Management: Adhere to the agreed-upon timeline for the PoC phase. This helps both parties manage expectations and ensures a smooth transition to the onboarding phase.
7. Security and Compliance: Ensure that the PoC adheres to security and compliance standards relevant to the customers organization.

1.4.1 Stakeholders


The customer plays a pivotal role as one of the key stakeholders in the Meghna Cloud initiative, contributing essential data crucial for the seamless transition during the PoC phase. Their active participation and provision of necessary data are integral to the success of this transition process, ensuring effective collaboration between the customer and Meghna Cloud.

Meghna Cloud

Meghna Cloud assumes responsibility for delivering services and allocating resources during the PoC in accordance with the specific requirements outlined by the customer. This commitment underscores Meghna Cloud's dedication to tailoring its offerings to meet the unique needs and expectations of the customer during the POC phase.

1.4.2 RACI Matrix

For the ongoing PoC, Meghna Cloud will collaborate with the customer to develop a RACI Matrix. This matrix will clearly outline roles and responsibilities, designating a 'Point of Contact' from both the customer and Meghna Cloud. This streamlined communication ensures effective coordination and prompt issue resolution throughout the POC.

1.5 POC Timeline

Organizations expressing interest in availing services from Meghna Cloud can undergo a PoC with a designated timeframe of no more than 2 to 4 weeks (including consecutive and separated). This approach ensures that the POC concisely focuses on the scope supported by all stakeholders. Depending on the scope, each customer should ideally be subjected to one POC period.

1.6 Internal Resource Allocation Plan and Approval

Meghna Cloud will strategically allocate internal resources to adeptly handle and manage customer needs. This allocation may involve designating NOC (Network Operations Center) Managers, SOC (Security Operations Center) Managers, Developers, or any other personnel, depending on the nature of the requirements. It is crucial to note that any allocation of resources is subject to approval by the Management Committee of Meghna Cloud.

2. Step 2 – Customer Sign-off for POC Plan

With all the above activities completed, Meghna Cloud will provide the customer with a POC Plan for sign-off to proceed for POC execution.

3. Step 3 – POC Execution

3.1 POC Tracker

Meghna Cloud will provide the customer with a POC Tracker template which will serve as a tool for real-time monitoring and management of ongoing processes. It will enable the tracking of key milestones, facilitate performance evaluation, and ensures regular, transparent communication.

3.2 Modify POC

If conflicts arise during the POC, such as inaccurate data/specifications from the customer or challenges in meeting specific criteria by Meghna Cloud, a designated phase within the POC timeline allows for the modification of the overall POC plan and resource allocation. Any such modifications will be subject to monitoring and approval by the Meghna Cloud’s Management Committee, ensuring that adjustments align with strategic objectives and maintain the integrity of the POC process. This adaptive approach aims to address challenges promptly and enhance the overall success of the POC.

3.2.1 Calibrate POC Plan and Resource Allocation

Calibrating the POC Plan and Resource Allocation is a strategic step undertaken by Meghna Cloud to ensure alignment with evolving project dynamics. This process involves meticulous adjustments to the POC plan and resource allocation.

3.2.2 Internal Approval and Customer Sign-off for Revised PoC Plan

Internal Approval from the Management Committee is a pivotal step in Meghna Cloud's decision- making process. Before significant actions, such as resource allocation, modifications to the POC plan, or strategic initiatives, internal approval is sought. After internal vetting, the revised POC Plan will have to be signed-off again by the customer to proceed for execution.

4. Step 4 – POC User Acceptance Testing and Sign Off

PoC User Acceptance Testing and Sign Off mark the final stages of the PoC process for Meghna Cloud. This critical phase involves thorough user acceptance testing, validating that the Acceptance Criteria are met.

5. Step 5 – Archival

This archival stage encompasses the preservation of crucial insights, findings, and outcomes for future reference. With a systematic archival approach, Meghna Cloud establishes a comprehensive historical record, promoting knowledge sharing, and driving ongoing enhancements in its service delivery.