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Service Ticket Management SOP

1. Introduction

1.1 Objective

The primary objective of this SOP is to provide a standardized and efficient framework for addressing and resolving tickets raised by customers using Meghna Cloud services. With a focus on ensuring optimal efficiency, heightened customer satisfaction, and the implementation of consistent and standardized procedures, this SOP aims to standardize service delivery across all levels of support.

1.2 Scope

This SOP applies to all Meghna Cloud employees, BDCCL representatives and customers. It encompasses the entire lifecycle of ticket management, from initial receipt to final resolution and closure.


Shift Manager
Shift Supervisor
Shift Engineer

3. Ticket Creation Process by Customers


4. Support Ticket Process


5. Customer’s Role

Customers will raise tickets when facing system issues though Meghna Cloud Support Service Desk and mention the priority code/severity as per the service level agreement (SLA). See Annexure for ticket creation manual.

5.1 Level-1 Support (Shift Engineers)

The L1 support team, comprised of shift engineers consisting of NOC and SOC shift engineers providing 24/7 service, plays a pivotal role in the first stage of issue resolution. They are the first touchpoint for customer tickets and their responsibilities extend to the resolution of issues within L1. When confronted with challenges beyond their expertise, the shift engineers initiate the escalation process to L2.

5.2 Level-2 Support (Shift Supervisors)

The L2 support team is composed of Shift Supervisors. Leveraging their expertise, L2 builds upon the initial analysis conducted by L1, ensuring a meticulous examination of complex problems to contribute to effective issue resolution. L2 also engages BDCCL as required for issue resolution. This collaborative approach is designed to ensure an effective resolution of issues which are not resolved at L1. If any issue is not resolved at this stage it is escalated to L3.

5.3 Level-3 Support (Shift Managers)

The L3 support team is composed of experienced shift managers who assume a leading role in resolving tickets which remained unresolved from L1 and L2 layers. They specialize in resolving critical and high priority issues and ensuring the seamless delivery of support services to our valued customers. In any case if the issue is unresolved at this layer, it is directly escalated to L4 which consists of the CTO and Managing Director of Meghna Cloud.

5.4 Level-4 (CTO and Managing Director)

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) assumes the lead role in addressing L4 issues which possess services disruption risks affecting one and/or many clients. In case any strategic directions are required at this stage, the Managing Director (MD) of Meghna Cloud may also be involved in this level to resolve the issue.

6. Communication Modality

All support ticket related communication up to L3 should be performed through Meghna Cloud Support Service Desk and customers are expected to mention severity of the issue as per the severity matrix in support level service. If the issue raises to L4, customers can communicate directly with their account managers for resolution. Additionally, in certain cases at L4 as appropriate, customer senior management can also reach out to CTO and/or MD of Meghna Cloud.

7. Ticket Closure and Documentation

Tickets will be closed once the issue is resolved. Customer who raised the ticket can see the status of the ticket in the support dashboard. Additionally, they will also be receiving email notifications about the status of the ticket.

8. Annexure

Meghna Cloud All Service User Manual