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Scalable Storage Service

Service categories


Full storage configuration list

Service NameCategorySpecificationDescription
Storage ServicesBlock StorageBlock Storage Standard (BS-S)Storage for virtual machines, elastic virtual machines, and virtual GPUs, provided on SATA disk drives.
Block Storage High IOPS (BS-HIO)Storage for virtual machines, elastic virtual machines, and virtual GPUs on SSD disks.
Object StorageObject Storage Archival (OS-A)Storage is accessible through an API, or web interface.
Object Storage Production (OS-P)Storage accessible through API/Web interface, using SSD disk drives.


Meghna Cloud's Storage services are designed to provide the essential computing resources required for executing a diverse range of applications, from web hosting to data analytics and machine learning.

ScalabilityAt Meghna Cloud, we understand that your storage requirements can grow over time. Our service is fully scalable, allowing you to effortlessly expand your storage capacity as your needs evolve.
Data Redundancy and High AvailabilityYour data's safety is our priority. We implement data redundancy and high availability features, backed by OpenStack, to safeguard your data from hardware failures and keep it accessible even during interruptions.
Data EncryptionSecurity is paramount. Meghna Cloud offers advanced data encryption options to ensure your data is protected at rest and in transit, giving you peace of mind.
Multi-Tenancy SupportWe've built our service with multi-tenancy in mind. Each customer's data is isolated and secure.
Custom Storage ClassesWe provide a range of storage classes, from standard to premium and cold storage, tailored to your performance and cost preferences.
API AccessOur well-documented APIs make it easy for you to integrate our storage service into your applications and workflows.
User- Friendly DashboardAccess and manage your storage resources with ease through our user-friendly web-based dashboard, designed using OpenStack's Horizon.
Integration with Other OpenStack ServicesSeamlessly manage your entire cloud infrastructure by integrating our storage service with other OpenStack services such as Nova, Manila, and Neutron.
Monitoring and AlertsReceive timely notifications about performance issues, capacity limits, and security events through our robust monitoring and alerting system.
Community and SupportRest assured, our dedicated support team is here to assist you. We also actively engage with the OpenStack community to keep our services up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices.
Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)We commit to clear SLAs covering uptime, data durability, and support responsiveness. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Use cases

Object Storage - Streamlined Data Management

Data Archiving and Backup: Safeguard and preserve your data securely, ensuring easy retrieval and long-term preservation.

Content Distribution and Delivery: Enhance your content delivery strategies with scalable storage, perfect for serving static assets globally.

Collaborative Workspaces: Foster collaboration with shared repositories, supporting projects with multiple contributors.

Block Storage - Tailored for Virtualized Environments

Virtual Machine Storage: Ensure data persistence for virtual machines, supporting seamless changes without compromising data integrity.

Database Storage: Optimize database performance with high-performance block storage, separate from compute resources.

Application Development and Testing: Accelerate your development lifecycle with scalable and persistent storage for testing and debugging.

High-Performance Computing (HPC): Cater to data-intensive applications with high performance block storage, empowering your computing environment.

Meghna Cloud is your partner in transforming storage solutions. Discover reliability, scalability, and security tailored to your unique business requirements.

Getting Started

Meghna Cloud is committed to providing a seamless and hassle-free customer experience for its Storage Services. Please visit this link to get step by step guide :