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Secured Backup Services

Service categories


Full backup configuration list

Service NameCategorySpecificationPackageDescription
Backup ServicesSnapshotSnapshot (SB-S)Storage.SBSWe offer a comprehensive backup service that captures a complete snapshot of customer data using SATA / SSD disk drive.
Data BackupData Backup (SB-DB)Storage.SBDBOur API based backup captures only the changes made since the last backup, thereby ensuring efficient use of storage resources using SATA / SSD disk drive.


Comprehensive Data CaptureOur Snapshot (SB-S) provides a robust backup solution that captures a complete snapshot of customer data.
Disk Drive CompatibilityWe offer backup service that efficiently utilizes both SATA and SSD disk drives, ensuring flexibility and optimal performance.
Point-in-Time RecoveryCustomers can restore their data to a specific point in time, facilitating data recovery and system rollback as needed.
API-Based BackupOur Data Backup (SB-DB) is designed as an API-based solution, offering seamless integration with customer workflows.
Disk Drive FlexibilityWe offer data backup which is compatible with both SATA and SSD disk drives, providing customers with options based on their needs.
Streamlined Backup ProcessesCustomers benefit from streamlined backup processes, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall data protection.

Use Cases

Disaster Recovery:

Customers can use Meghna Cloud's backup services to create redundant copies of their critical data and snapshots. In case of a disaster, such as hardware failures, natural disasters, or data corruption, they can quickly restore their systems and data to minimize downtime and data loss.

Data Protection:

Meghna Cloud's backup services help organizations protect their data from accidental deletion, malware attacks, or malicious activities. Regularly scheduled backups ensure that data can be recovered from a specific point in time.

Version Control:

Users can leverage the snapshot backup feature to maintain a history of their data and system states. This is particularly useful for developers and testers who need to roll back to previous versions of their software or configuration.

Compliance and Legal Requirements:

Companies operating in regulated industries often have legal requirements to retain data for a certain period. Meghna Cloud's backup services enable them to meet these compliance requirements and provide proof of data retention.

Ransomware Mitigation:

With the increasing threat of ransomware attacks, having backups of critical data becomes essential. Meghna Cloud's backup services can help users recover their data without paying a ransom to cybercriminals.

DevOps and Testing:

Development and testing environments can benefit from snapshot backups to create copies of production data for testing and development purposes. This allows teams to experiment and innovate without affecting the production environment.

Data Migration:

When migrating to new infrastructure or cloud platforms, Meghna Cloud's backup services assist in transferring data securely and efficiently. Customers can back up their data in the source environment and then restore it to the target environment.

High Availability:

Backup services play a vital role in ensuring high availability. By regularly backing up data and creating snapshots, customers can minimize downtime and provide uninterrupted services to their users.

Server Maintenance:

During routine server maintenance or upgrades, backup services can be used to create snapshots of the system state. This allows for easy rollback in case of issues during the maintenance process.

Long-Term Data Archiving:

Meghna Cloud's backup services are useful for archiving historical data that isn't frequently accessed but needs to be retained for compliance or historical purposes.

Database and Application Backup:

Customers can use backup services to protect their databases and applications, ensuring that they can recover from data corruption, software bugs, or user errors.

By offering these use cases, Meghna Cloud can cater to a wide range of customer needs, from data protection and recovery to compliance and scalability.

Getting Started

Meghna Cloud is committed to providing a seamless and hassle-free customer experience for its Backup Services. Please visit this link to get step by step guide: